sintered stone vanity top

Product Description:

Sintered stone vanity top is a new type of countertop for bathroom. The sinteded stone is a derivative of ceramics, inheriting the advantages of ceramics, but also light weight, high haedness, living for bathroom vanity top.

Sintered stone can be customized with a variety of patterns. The surface is covered with a layer of glaze, which effectively prevents the wear of vanity top and facilitates cleaning. The light and affordable sintered stone vanity tops are ideal for modern decoration.

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sintered stone black vanity tops


1. make by natural stone
2. high hardness (7 grade), scratch resistant
3. No color difference in the same batch of goods
4. High temperature resistant
5. Chemical resistant
6. Easy to clean
7.Non-radioactive and no harm to human body


Widely used as inner wall cladding, flooring, kitchen countertop,bathroom vanity top,
table top, bench tops,office desk tops in super market,mall,airport,hotel,apartments etc.

Finishes available:

Surface Finish: Polished,Honed
Edge Finish: Flat, Bevel,Laminated,Bullnose, Ogee,etc

Popular Products & Dimensions:

Slabs: 3200 x 1600 / 3000x1600 mm Thickness: 6mm,9mm,12mm, 15mm
Cut to size: 300/400/600/900 x 300/400/600 x 6/9/12/15mm
Countertop: Any customized dimensions ACCEPTED!

Sintered advantage characteristics:

Large size, hard texture, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance and thinness, safe and hygienic, direct contact with food, environmental protection, fire and high temperature resistance; high density, strong resistance to dirt, easy to clean; Outside cutting, drilling, grinding and other processing processes.

Quality Control:

Quality Control:

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